Aqua Power has been around since 1982, where we started up as a supplier of high pressure flushing. Since then, we have expanded our work with, among other things, sludge suction, pipe inspection, dry cleaning, tank cleaning and collection of special waste.

Aqua Power is located on Vinterbro, where our Norwegian Vacuumgraving department also has a stopover. Vacuum digging is unique in the sense that it takes over the job of the ordinary excavator where it does not come or there are too many cables or pipes. This is a relatively new concept in Norway, where Norsk Vacuumgraving is the market leader. Aqua Power AS and Sandnes Transport AS are merged and become part of Norva24.

Our local presence is important in order to provide the best service to all our customers. At the same time, we are proud to have become part of Norva24, which enables us to offer our customers even more services and even better service. In connection with the merger, we have kept Sandnes Transport’s switch and changed the billing name to Norva24 Øst AS and billing address to Kongeveien 127, 1407 Vinterbro.

You can trust us – we are always here to help!