Well pressuring is a method we use to increase the inflow of drilling wells. We have long experience in this particular field, and demonstrate good results when we let “water find water”. We also perform cleaning and disinfection of wells, as well as disassembly and assembly of pumps.

Well pressuring for more and better water
Many years of use often bring sludge and other sediments into the drilling and reduce the inflow and water quality. Using water as a tool, we perform pressuring of drilling wells to increase capacity and inflow. We push water with high pressure into the drilling, and open the water feed through cracks or so-called slips in the mountain.

When is well pressuring used?
The method is used on new wells, which often provide too little water for drilling, but also on older wells, where the inflow has been gradually reduced through clogging of the well’s supply roots. This impacts the water quality negatively. This is when pressuring and cleaning of the drilling hole is a good investment. Water quality and inflow improves drastically.

With the help of high water pressure, the mountain gives in, and we burst open pores. The water looks for water veins in the mountain, hence increasing the inflow of water into the drilling hole.

Hosing with special nozzles is used to clean/remove sludge and sediments both in mountain and soil wells. If the well is polluted, we add chlorine to the hosing water for disinfection. We also perform cleaning of supply and pumping pipes through sparging of cleaning pigs.

For the disassembly/assembly of pumps, we bring equipment that performs this mechanically and hygienically.

The principle for well pressuring is the same as for energy wells, as well as drinking water wells.

What is an energy well?
An energy well with an accompanying pipe system has a life span of more than 100 years. It therefore becomes a meaningful investment for the economy of the household for a long time to come.

Over several generations, heat pumps will be able to use the very same energy well. Even if the installation of the well is performed professionally, it will still need service after many years’ use.

Well pressuring or a new well?
We make no water guarantee, but experience indicates that it pays off to try well pressuring over investing in a new hole. On the basis of information given to us regarding soil conditions and water quality, we can with great accuracy advise on whether or not it is reasonable to invest in well pressuring over drilling a new well.


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